Born in Romania, studying CS in Italy at the University of Pisa. I love the way technology changed our lives and I want to contribute to that change too. I also like travelling, taking photos or just binge-watching tons of TV series.

If you like this page or you just want to thank me for any reason, feel free to support my caffeine addiction by offering me a coffee. I would really appreciate that! You know: life starts after coffee! (:


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16 Apr 2016 . info . Not a { blog } Comments

Hi there! Welcome on my personal page.

First of all: this is not a blog, so I’m not going to post that often. In the future I’m probably going to transform the blog section into a gallery with some of my shots or projects. If you want to hear from me, just drop me an email. Finally, if you want to support my coffee addiction, feel free to offer me one!

Thanks for the visit! (:

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  • September 2013 - Today

    CS student at the University Of Pisa

  • September 2008 - June 2013

    High School time


If you want to hear from me, feel free to send me an email.